Literary Devices

13 Feb

Point of View

The story is told in the first person point of view.  The first person narration enables the writer to vividly describe the actions and emotions of the characters in the short story.  The readers have access to the thoughts and emotions of the main character, Trish, and later, Clo, after she murders Trish.


A simple science fiction written as diary entries, in the form of dialogues.  The diary entries allow us to get closer to the main character and her thoughts through simple and straightforward writing.


“I’m sick  of Me.  I’m sick  of being the only child on the ship.  I’m sick of computer

images and sounds” (p. 44)

 “ When Clo has nothing to do, it’s always pick, pick,pick ” (p.48)

 Trish repeats the word “sick” to emphasise her disappointment and frustration of being the only child on board the spaceship.  She repeats the word “pick” to show her disgust of Clo’s irrirating picking habit.


“Rolling bits of skin around a fingernail.”  and “They writhe and fiddle all the time.” 

 (p. 48-49 – Para 1 – Line 6-8)

One can visualise what Clo is doing with her fingernails.  One may find this an irritating habit.  This obviously annoys Trish.  However, looking at her age and her ability to understand, she fails to realise that Clo is just a mirror image of herself since they are both duplicates. By reprimanding Clo, she is indirectly reprimanding herself as she has the exact same habit.  In fact, Clo points out,

“Look – do you mind? Stop picking at yourself


“I can’t stand the way Clo’s mind works.  I can’t stand Clo’s corny jokes, and her dismal sulks.  I can’t stand Clo’s laugh or eating habits or her finger picking” 

 (p. 52 – Para 2 – Line 2-4)The irony of the situation above is, Trish finds Clo’s habits irritating and it begins to irk her. However, she fails to see that Clo’s habits are just a reflection of her own habits.  Clo is her exact replica.  Hence, Clo’s corny jokes, sulks, laughter and eating habits, the very things she can’t stand, are the things that she does herself.  This is truly ironic.  Trish may have created a clone but her immaturity in understanding this, brought about her own downfall.

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