14 Feb


Trish clones herself in order to have a companion during her lonely days in the spaceship.  However, her utopian plan backfires and in the end Trish is disposed off by ‘Clo’ and her place taken over by ‘Clo’

 Friendship and companionship.

Being the only child on a spaceship with both her parents unable to spend time with her, Trish longs for friendship and companionship. The Voice Printer cannot provide all her needs and she resorts to cloning to ‘make another Me’ so that she can have a friend and companion of her own age.


Despite having the latest technology around her, Trish feels “sick of computer images and sounds”.  She wishes for someone to talk to, a companion to share her feelings and emotions. She longs for someone of her own age.


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Posted by on February 14, 2011 in One is One and All Alone


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