16 Feb


Main character 11 years old; the only child on the spaceship heading towards Trion. Lonely and bored. Misses personal interactions with her parents as her Dad is busy with his work and Mum is away. Relies on the Voice Printer (VP) for companionship and information. Intelligent: she masters the cloning technology and created a clone of herself. Short sighted as her cloning plan backfires. Clo becomes a nuisance to her. Clo in turn gets rid of Trish through the Disposal Hatch instead.


Identical twin created by Trish in the Bio lab using cloning technology. Trish’s friend and companion before she ‘got sick’ of her. Quick thinking as she out manoeuvres. Trish and gets rid of her creator. Cautious, as she assumes Trish’s identity at the end of the story.

Trish’s dad

Executive Officer of the spaceship. Busy and preoccupied with work as the captain of the spaceship. Tries to spend time with Trish, his daughter at the diner; indulging her with chocolate milkshakes. Does not realise that Trish has been replaced by Clo at the end of the story.





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Posted by on February 16, 2011 in One is One and All Alone


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  1. Mah Ri Wei

    February 3, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    where is VP~Voice Printer??


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