This is first stage of a fictional or dramatic plot, in which necessary background information is provided. It introduces characters, scene, time, and situation
The King visits a cottage. The cottage belongs to Lisa’s parents. The King was lured by the smell of freshly baked apple pie. Lisa’s parents praised Lisa in an attempt to make the King marry their daughter. They tell the King that she bakes the best pies in the world. To impress the King further, they also tell the King that Lisa can spin straw into gold. The King brings her to his palace and asks her to turn straw into gold. If she fails she will be beheaded.
(Action Starts)Rising Action
This is a set of conflicts and crises that constitute the part of a story’s plot leading up to the climax.
Lisa sits and cries in the high tower. Then suddenly a strange little man appears and promises to spin the straw into gold in exchange of her necklace. The King was impressed and takes her to another bigger room filled with straw. The King asks her to turn the straw into gold. If she fails she will be beheaded. That night the strange little man appeared again and promises to spin the straw into gold in exchange for her ring. The King was impressed and takes her to another bigger room filled with straw. This time he promises to marry her. Lisa has nothing else to offer to the little man. Her parents advised her to give whatever he asks for. That night, when the strange little man appeared, she promises her first born child.
This is the turning point of the action in the plot of a story. The climax represents the point of greatest tension in the work.
 A year passed. Lisa is the queen and she has a baby boy. The strange little man suddenly appears and reminds her of her promise. Lisa pleaded to the little man not to take her baby away as she is willing to give him all her money. The little man refuses but finally agrees to give her three days to guess his name. She fails to guess his name on the first and second day. Lisa’s parents follow the little man and find out his name.
Falling Action
In the plot of a story, the action following the climax of the work that moves it towards its denouement or resolution.
 On the third day, the little man comes to the nursery. Lisa guesses his name as “Rumpelstiltskin”.The strange little man gets angry and stamps his feet hard on the floor and disappears in a puff of smoke.
The ending of the story, the final stage or unraveling of the plot; usually very brief. Here the tension is over, and unanswered questions may be explained. The resolution is reached following a major crisis and climax.
 Lisa’s baby boy is now safe. Lisa’s parents promises that they will never boast again.


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Literary Elements


 Telling lies

When people lie they are often trapped by their own deceit. In this story, claiming to be able to weave gold from straw got Lisa the attention of the king but also got her locked in a dungeon with a haystack and a spinning wheel.  

 Using one’s survival skills

Persistence pays off in the long run and to never give up. Lisa tried her best to find the answer to the strange man’s riddle. She did not give up.

 Moral Values

 We must be more careful of what we say, and think of the consequences.

  • Lisa’s father lied to the king, just to impress him.
  • Lisa lost her head and promised something without realising the implications of her promise, just to save herself.
  • Rumpelstiltskin is so confident that the queen will not guess his name that he makes the terrible mistake of saying it out loud.

Honesty and Integrity

We must always keep our promises. It is when we are able to keep our promises that people will respect us. Although the King was greedy, he kept his promise to marry Lisa once she was able to spin the straw into gold.  Even the strange little man kept his promise to Lisa when she was able to guess his name. He did not try to cheat her.

Point of view

Since this is a drama, the author uses the third person point of view. He is omniscient- this means that he knows everything in the story.  However, the characters do think aloud when they are thinking. Thus, the readers are able to understand what the characters are doing.

 Language and Style

 The style of writing is very simple, uncomplicated and straightforward. The language is simple reflecting the lifestyle of the village people.

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Flipping Fantastic


“Flipping Fantastic‟ by Jane Langford is a story about twin brothers and their mother. Tristan is an outstanding, brilliant and a capable boy but James is shy, nervous and lacks confidence. Both of them are about to finish their primary education at Peter Hill Primary soon and plan to begin their new school term in two different schools. Their mother decides to enroll James in Highfields and Tristan who is physically challenged and wheelchair bound, in a special school (Chesterlea Grange). Both brothers are confused over the thought of being separated as they have never been apart from each other. Since they rely on each other, the twins are concerned about how they are going to cope in their new school environment. The mother wants the twins to be independent. She is confident that Tristan would be able to cope well at Chesterlea Grange. However, she worries about James and wonders how he is going to manage all alone at Highfields. Tristan changes his mind about Chesterlea Grange, in order to be with James. Besides that, the school is far away from home and he would only be able to see James once a week. On the other hand, James manages to persuade him by reminding him of all the facilities and activities in his new school that Tristan dreamt of. Knowing James cannot cope himself alone, Tristan calls on their friend Kiara Jones to help James in Highfields.  The twins at last realise that they have made the right decision and their new school environment is flipping fantastic.


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Tristan is the twin who has a physical disability. He moves around in a wheelchair and cannot walk or move his arms easily. He is also unable to dress himself or play football. Tristan is good in Maths and computers. He is also good in drama and acts very well as Tom Sawyer in the year-end school play. Although Tristan cannot play games, he is good at swimming.


James has no physical disability. He is good in sports and plays football. James is shyer and less confidence than Tristan. He is also more nervous and very worried about going to new school without Tristan. This is mainly because he is very dependent on Tristan. 



She is the mother of Tristan and James. She is determined to send her sons to different schools so that they would be independent and confident about their own abilities.

Kiara Jones

 Kiara plays football and Tristan arranges for her to be James “special friend” at Highfields to help him adapt to his new school. Both James and Tristan like her very much.


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Peter Hill Primary:

Tristan and James are finishing their final year in this primary school.  They perform in a play entitled “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” which is the last activity in the school. Chesterlea Grange:

This is a residential school for students of special needs situated far away from Tristan’s home. Tristan looks forward to be enrolled in this special school which has all the facilities that he has dreamt of such as a drama studio, games room, swimming pool and a paddock. The school also has sports activities such as basketball tournament, archery contest, wheelchair games and so on.


This is the school that James is going to be enrolled in when the new school term begins.  At the end of the story, James feels excited about his new school as most of his schoolmates are there including Kiara Jones.


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What is Literature??

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>>> This web site is created with the purpose of promoting English Language in the school. Here, various materials,educational activities, stories and etc are listed to cater for the needs of the teaching and learning English.

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